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Martha's Sermons

It's great to participate in the service at St Mary's - they provide a rich resource of spiritual support and nurture and a sound Christian perspective that helps us face life's challenges throughout the following week and beyond. 

While this website can't convey the uplifting experience of Holy Communion, or the joy of participating in worship and music in a supportive Christian community, it can share some of the teaching.

We are blessed with the exceptional teaching and spiritual leadership of Revd. Virginia Smith, who leads sung Holy Communion services and of our Reader, Martha Taft Golden, who leads said Holy Communion and Morning Prayer services.

Martha's sermons are appreciated by all who hear them and she's kindly allowed us to make them available here, so that they can be shared with a wider audience. You'll find them interesting, thought-provoking, often amusing, sometimes challenging and always uplifting. 

Are you the One?

Martha helps us to understand the message of hope that John the Baptist brings to us, through his doubts and suffering. Jesus isn't the presence we expect - we can't make him fit our idea of the perfect Messiah - and nor could John. Jesus' power and influence are far greater than we and John can imagine.

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